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We're Cognitive Scientistswith advanced academic credentials and 3 decades of practical human resource management experience.


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We provide talent assessment-development consulting, technology, and research for top organizations globally


To achieve and sustain success you need high-achievable Standards and objective Measures. We provide both in this science-based catalog of assessment-development technology.

Based on 25 years of applied research by cognitive scientists, this website offers discoveries from analyzing the root causes of success from people rated in the top 20% of their job.

If you know what standards-measures you need call us at (972) 517-3389. Our job is your success 

We don't Guess...We Measure


​​​​​MEASUREMENT - we are cognitive scientists and measurement specialists with an extensive inventory of analytic tools, assessments, models, and surveys to assess, diagnose, and report human capital and potential.

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You can only mange the talent you can measure, so we use 5 levels of assessment to help you better explain, predict, and improve it.

Assessment-Development Catalog - over 150 products to improve Hiring, Training, Coaching, and Performance-Talent Management.

The ideal standard is a high-achievable standard, so we studied thousands of high performers over 25 years to learn when, how, and why they excel.

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STANDARDS - setting, communicating, enabling, and engaging people to pursue 'high-achievable' targets is one of the most vital contributions our technology makes so we invest a lot of our time and effort in it. 

​​COACHING- we have a large, growing, and continuously improving inventory of 'best practice' tools-methods-models to conduct assessment-based leadership/performance coaching.

ANALYTICS - our talent measurement-analysis portfolio stems from our education/know-how in Cognitive Science and practical experience using scientific methods to explain-predict-improve human talent/performance. 

​​​​​​PRACTICAL - all of our tools were developed in response to a client need and then continuously adapted into new versions as clients' needs evolved or priorities changed. 

SELF-RELIANCE is what we strive to provide client users by developing measurement solutions and teaching people to use them on their own.

GUARANTEED - catalog resources come with a 100% user satisfaction assurance so there's no risk to you. 

Since 1991 we designed, tested, and refined over 150 new tools.   


Talent Measurement Specialists Since 1991

​TALENT - we have a broad array of methods-tools-processes to assess/develop peoples' talent and transform their potential into performance. Our expertise and passion is enabling talent.

PERFORMANCE - a significant percent of the resources in our toolkit were developed and refined over many years to improve quality and productivity, plus enable self-management, and align people with compatible tasks/roles.

DEVELOPMENT - assessment-development are two sides of the same talent management coin because measuring abilities focuses attention-time-energy on the best learning solutions and often causes learning.

Value is created where Work-People-Environment interact in harmony, so we scientifically analyze underlying causes of this successful interaction