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Client Support for all 7 Technologies

SUPPORT SERVICES: Our 7 Assessment-Development Technologies are being used by 'tech-heads' like us but more often by non-analytical users who "get brain freezes just thinking about technical stuff". We answered both types of user's needs by:

     1) designing ERROR PREVENTION that eliminated every mistake that our users made during product development-testing.

     2) making each product so SIMPLE that first-time users could apply the tools 'right out of the box' with no help

     3) treating every QUESTION-PROBLEM-CONCERN as design error that we must correct to enable user self-reliance

Despite these safeguards our users still present us with questions we haven't yet considered, plus problems that are unique to that client's situation, plus new, unintended applications of the technology that require us to make modifications.In order to answer any unanticipated technology issues your USER LICENSE entitles you to access our time/expertise to train you, answer all inquiries, and make minor adaptations to ensure client-technology compatibility. Tech support welcomes your call

Catalog of Assessment-Development Technology by Performance Advantage

If you are uncertain about what products you need just send your contact info and we'll walk you through alternative solutions to your HR assessment-development problems over the phone or by virtual demo