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If your goal is to realize lasting, meaningful work-life success then the only standards worth pursuing are HIGH ACHIEVABLE STANDARDS. We found in our research on thousands of high performers rated in the top 20% of their jobs that most were just ordinary in overall capabilities but extraordinary in the capabilities that mattered to their particular roles and work-life conditions. So to become a top performer on the job find what you are already good at doing...keep developing related talents...observe and repeat what you see high performers doing...and find ways to add value

Pursuing HIGH ACHIEVABLE STANDARDS is inherently productive and satisfying because each step toward your goals makes you better than what you were before. High performance is not achieved overnight but rather progressively in improvements that are often too small to notice individually; however, as they accumulate over time they start showing up in sustained work excellence and job satisfaction

       High Achievable

Work-Life Success should not be the dream of the privileged few but rather the realistic expectation of every person willing to pursue excellence in what they do and willing to invest their best efforts to create value for others.

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