1) 5 Levels of Measurement technology diagnoses the root causes of human talent and performance on these 5 levels:

      1) Traits - motives, personality, aptitudes

      2) Preferences - influential patterns of thinking

      3) Values - beliefs about how the world works

      4) Skills - know-how, learned ability, experience

      5) Behaviors - actions taken to get results

Our technology-education-experience-expertise can assess what makes each person unique so we can explain-predict-improve their success in any job or environment.





- 200 Tools to Assess-Develop-Manage Talent






Visible work results and observable skills/actions

Hidden attitudes, beliefs aptitudes, feelings, qualities and motives.

All of these eventually show up on the job so it pays to know them.


LEAD-360 Survey - 21 leadership competencies; 105 behaviors 

Lead with Vision - how to envision an inspiring future

Management Skills Inventory - assess 27 managerial skills

Motivation Profile - need to Achieve, Affiliate, and have Power

Self-Management Survey - will-ability-opportunity to self-manage

Skills Inventory  - list-weight-rate-inventory employees' skills 

Team Effectiveness Survey- high-performing team standards  

Time Management Survey - assesses time management skills

Values Survey - survey of your top 10 work-life values 

Work-Life Success Survey - assesses work-life success achieved





If you have Cost-Budget Concerns

Need an HR measure? We have it...can get it...or will build it to your specifications. Our assessments include tools-methods to select better candidates, manage performance, develop talent, and enhance work-life success.

Measure people on multiple levels because what you don't know and can't see in them can sink your ship.

Did you know that using the right measures usually more than doubles the probability of hiring and retaining a high performer?

1) STOP relying on intuition alone to hire-develop-coach-manage people. It is time you used more analytical, science-based selection/development/coaching tools and methods because:

a) gut-instinct hiring produces very few top performers, b) having only traditional interview information hampers new hires' rate of assimilation, and c) failure to recognize underlying strengths/weaknesses eventually shows up in lower performance or turnover.

2) CONTINUE using any measure that works but avoid over-relying on just one. Fact is no single measurement tool can accurately explain-predict-improve human job performance because people are too complex. Single assessments may screen-out bad hires but rarely have enough measurement depth to 'select-in' top performers and focus resources to develop them.

3) Empirical evidence on hiring quality, talent management, and retention suggests that you should START building a better measurement inventory to assess-coach-develop people at all accountability levels. Use at least 1 level of measure for nonexempt jobs, 2 or more levels of assessment for professional positions, and up to 5 levels for executive roles.

SOLUTION: You don't need a big budget to use our technology because it is not a 'big system' rather a collection of affordable individual tools Secondly, we license rightsfor you to use only the tools you need...when needed... for as long as you need them.


All our measures and elearning solutions were well-researched, field-tested, and rated for value by the toughest judges in the world - live users who expect tools to work every time. Besides our own tools we are certified to use hundreds of 3rd party instruments. We don't guess...We measure.

Published scientific evidence shows that measuring human talent on relevant criteria using multiple levels of assessment significantly increases your odds of hiring-developing-retaining job-compatible people who will not surprise you with 'hidden issues' after hire.

PROBLEM: Some potential measurement technology users may feel they are not analytical enough or lack experience using quantitative resources so how can our methods-assessments help their performance management process? 


If You Lack Measurement Skills

PROBLEM: Some potential customers may have no budget for this type of technology and considering all their other known priorities it may be difficult to get approval now. The question then, as always, is, "Can we afford it?"

2) LEAD-360 identifies 21 leadership standards and 105 related behaviors weighted to each of your leader jobs. These high-achievable leader standards define-communicate-assess-teach what is expected of leaders, plus provides 360 feedback. When combined with our Learning Matrix the LEAD-360 Survey enables 24/7 leadership development by matching all 21 leader competency standards to 25 alternative learning solutions. This makes learning to lead possible and practical for everyone. It makes leadership feedback time/cost effective.


5 Levels of Measurement - Traits-Styles-Values-Skills-Behavior 

Climate Survey - measures 90 reasons employees stay or leave

Coaching Practices Survey - guide to effective coaching practices

Confidential Power Survey - assesses how well people use power

Conversations Survey - checklist of Talking/Listening practices

Customer-Supplier Survey - how to build better work relationships

Delegation Checklist - 3 steps to effective delegation

Team Conflict Analysis  - diagnoses team interpersonal conflicts

Team Interpersonal Analysis - explains team interpersonal relations

Future State Survey - assesses self-fulfilling future expectations

SOLUTION: we knew that some end-users may have no statistical training or lack numerical proficiency or have low interest in working with numbers, so our analytical tools were designed for use by non-analytical users