Performance Pyramid is a powerful yet simple diagnostic tool that explores the root causes of work results. Individuals-Teams-Leaders can use this model to quickly fix performance problems with multiple causes. 

Users learn, in 20 minutes, how to: 1) separate symptoms from causes of problems, 2) focus more attention on change priorities, and 3) develop a better sequence of interventions for problems with underlying layers of causes.

Sample of what we learned from studying high performers

  • High performing  'super-stars' rarely possessed any 'super-talents' that were outside the reach of average performers
  • Top performing teams shared more behaviors in common with executives than average or low-performing managers
  • The most valued and productive employees at all job levels pride themselves on being "Self-Managers"
  • Leading is everyone's duty...not just managers

ABC Time Machine is a collection of tools that help people better use-manage-invest their time by providing these 3 user-friendly learning and self-management tools:
   1) Survey of Time Management habits,
   2) Guidelines to Prioritize work tasks
   3) Worksheets to Schedule-organize time 
Users report that ABC helped them prioritize their work, focus attention-time-energy where it mattered, and then schedule action on those work-life priorities.

Problem Solving Guide - join analytical with creative thinking 
Performance Logs
- self-help guidelines to high performance
Risk Contingency Matrix
- assesses likelihood and cost of errors
Self-Management Model
- model of self-management conditions
Shared Mission-Vision-Values
- integrates all 3 into one document
Success Factors Worksheet
- how to balance your success goals
Task-List Worksheet
- prioritize/schedule urgent/important tasks
Time Management Workshop
- agenda and sample slides
Team Development Workshop
- team-building workshop
Team Member Assessment
- measures of team effectiveness

ABC Time Machine- alternative time management resources

ABCs of Time Management - easy, practical way to control time
Conflict Management
- Thomas-Kilmann model (5 conflict styles)
Control your Destiny
- remedies belief that fate decides the future
Critical/Creative Thinking
-reasoning through complex problems
How to Set Priorities
- prioritizes-schedules urgent-important tasks
Networking Model
- how to amplify/network your know-how
Meeting Planner
- worksheet to plan-manage better meetings
Month-Week-Day Planner
- plans a day-week-month all on 1 page
Time Machine Resources - tools to plan-prioritize-schedule time


Everything in our Catalog Contributes to Performance

A) Assessment - resources to understand people on 5 Levels of Measurement
B) Engagement - locate-quantify-engage talents in tasks-projects-roles
C) Selection - a complete package of resources to source, screen, hire, orient   
D) Teamwork - resources to assess-develop-facilitate teamwork
E) Learning - matches assessed learning needs with cost effective solutions
F) Leadership - standards-measures-training, and coaching resources

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After 2 decades of applied research on what distinguishes high-performing people we amassed a data base offering insights on:  

   1) Leaders with vision who attract-engage capable followers

   2) Managers who consistently delivered results on time, on target

   3) High Potentials who got promoted and lived up to their talent

   4) Highly productive/innovative teams and their team leaders

   5)  Individuals rated in the top 20% of their job.


These two products are featured here not because they are the highly popular or in demand but because they should be based on the extraordinary impact they had on users who called us to express how effectively the tools solved problems.

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We openly share our technology and research discoveries with clients while carefully protecting data collected on their high performers. We have many alternative ways to work with clients with widely varying needs. For example we serve small businesses that want to purchase an individual products or mid-sized companies that would benefit from a broader and more complete technology license. We also have partnering options for clients who ant to certify their people in one of more of our Assessment-Development Technologies. No matter what your needs are or the size of your organization we welcome all inquiries.

1) MEASUREMENT- tools/methods to explain-predict-improve performance
2) STANDARDS - means to set-communicate-monitor high-achievable goals
3) COACHING - tools to cause change, develop talent, improve performance

4) PERFORMANCE - models, worksheets, surveys to improve work results
5) ANALYTICS - analytical tools to help non-analytical users manage talent

6) TALENT - resources to assess-develop and apply people's skills-potential
7) DEVELOPMENT - resources enabling better-faster learning

TalentAssessment-Development Catalog

6 Most Frequent Technology Applications


To cause harmony engage talented People with high-achievable Work goals and support them with an Environment rich in resources that enable self-management.

Our performance catalog keeps growing for 3 reasons:

  1) jobs, goals, and requirements are changing constantly,

  2) solutions rarely have universal effects on all employees,

  3) employees' performance potential is far greater than the outputs that organizations are capturing with current performance management methods.