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We found in our 25 year research study on high performing people that 1) their success almost always began by striving to do or be something more than acceptable or average, 2) successful People were compatible with their Work and Environment despite having disparate traits, preferences, values, reasons, and 3) top performers rarely had all the 'right stuff' for their job' at the time of hire, rather learned how to apply-develop their talents to be in concert with available resources and conditions. Top performers work hard but usually spend less effort than lower-performing peers to get more of the right things done right - because they found and applied better, faster ways to work.

Successive Approximation is a term that helps explain how high achievable standards affect a normal 'Performance Distribution Curve'. We found that after Success Profiles are shared with employees, a few of them immediately begin making small changes that 'successively approximate' what top performers do. Once the early adopters demonstrate that the higher standards can be met without extraordinary effort then more people begin making bite-sized changes to their work methods - at their own pace. When enough people make small improvements to their work methods the performance curve for this job population shifts to 'high achievable standards ' as the new 'normal' way to work.

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2) Team Standards-Measures are based on our scientific

research of highly productive-effective-innovative teams

in successful organizations. We have a wide array of

assessments that define team standards and provide

feedback to team leaders and members. We have team

start-up models, exercises, workshops and learning tools

 for teams-leaders-facilitators or in short, everything you

need to enable teamwork. We studied so many great teams

all over the world that we can diagnose existing team

dysfunctions in minutes and point you to solutions. 

Profiling Technology Value - ROI on scientific Success Profiles

Profiling: Common questions - Q&A about Success Profiles
Recruiter Self-Management
- standards to excel in recruiting
Sales Engineer Profile
- what factors distinguished top sales pros
Self-Management - Consultants
- standards/guide for consultants
Success Profiling in a Nutshell
- highlights of Success Profiling
Top Engineers in 5 companies
- trait analysis of top engineers 
Utility of Success Profile
- describes their practical value-utility
Work Climate Standards
- 90 standards of a positive culture-climate
Work-Life Success
- 40 standards to weight-rate your success

Excellence is not a far-reaching goal... it's an everyday job standard. That's what we learned from thousands of people rated in the top 20% of their jobs. Your own top performers are 'Working Models of Success' so follow their lead.

Algorithms for Profiling - software to produce Success Profiles
Consultant Profile
- performance management for consultants
High Potential Engineers
- engineers nominated for leader roles
Hiring/Interview Guide
- selects on high-achievable standards
Job Compatibility Test
- assesses job-person alignment-fit
Job Evaluation Tool
- assigns job grades quickly and simply
New Hire Orientation Guide
- custom new hire orientation
Orientation on Profiling
- methods-steps of Success Profiles
Process Steps in Profiling
- steps to produce Success Profiles
Profiling Certifications
- steps for technical certification

- 200 Tools to Assess-Develop-Manage Talent

1) Success Profiling Technology takes competency modeling to an entirely new level by fully, accurately explaining what distinguishes top performers in any job.

Success Profiles add analytic sophistication to HR with

  • Accurate analysis of performance causes
  • Applications tools to assess candidates, train,

           coach employees, enable self-management 

  • Assessment-based learning-development



In addition to our applied research on high performance standards we scientifically studied Leadership-Managerial success criteria in varying roles, climates, and levels of accountability, plus turnover causes-prediction-prevention, qualities of successful engineers by function, plus other assessment-development research projects. 


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