Multi-purpose Tools           

5 Levels of Measurement  

Work-Life Success Survey    
Work-Related Personality


Leadership Assessments    
Management Skills Inventory 

Delegation Survey-Checklist  LEAD-360 Feedback Survey

Confidential Power Survey             

3) Selection - a complete package of resources to source, screen, hire, orient 

  1.  ​​ANALYTICS- analysis tools and techniques for non-analytical HR pros and line Managers
  2. ​​ COACHING- methods, models and best practices from top leadership and performance coaches
  3.  DEVELOPMENT - resources to identify development priorities and match them to learning alternatives
  4.  MEASUREMENT - assessments, surveys, and diagnostic tools that quantitatively report human talent
  5.  PERFORMANCE - resources to improve productivity, enable self-management, and align people-tasks
  6.  STANDARDS - means to set high-achievable targets based on normal but highly successful people 
  7.  TALENT - tools and processes to assess-develop ability and translate potential into performance



5 Factor Leadership Model-Quiz        
Corporate Leadership Model -SHL        
L3 Module 1 - Leadership Models        
OPQ Leadership Model        
Readiness for Self Management        
Situational Leadership -Blanchard        
Tolerance for Ambiguity (Budner)        
LEAD-360 Competency Weighting

1) Assessment - resources to explain-predict-improve people on 5 Levels of Measurement (click hyperlinked  samples to Learn More)

WHO USES THESE 7 TECHNOLOGIES? Anyone who needs to explain-predict-improve performance

We are People Scientists whose assessment-development technologies are being used globally to set high achievable standards, assess candidates,  measure talent,  assess learning needs, develop leaders, and a practically unlimited number of other human resource management applications.

Coaching Assessment Tools

Motivation Profile                    
Performance Pyramid Monitor     
Performance Pyramid Model      


 Team Assessments            
Team Conflict analysis

Team Interpersonal Analysis          

Team Effectiveness Survey                    Team Leader 360 Survey

Performance Management           

Future State Survey Excel)  
 Performance Factors Report   
 Customer-Supplier Survey    

Hiring-Selection Inventories      
Candidate Evaluation Worksheet     

Skills Inventory - demo 
Success Profile

Candidate Evaluation Worksheet

Success Profiling Software

Working Models of Success
Most Valued Learning Lessons

Self Management Guide

Knowledge Networking
Success Workshop Value

Catalog of Assessment-Development Technology by Performance Advantage

Team Effectiveness Survey
Team Building Workshop
Team Interpersonal Analysis

Innovative Team (traits-preferences-values-skills-behaviors)
Development Engineering Team (WPE Success Profile)
Work-People-Environment Success Model of High Performing Teams

2) Engagement - tools to locate-quantify-engage talents in tasks-projects-roles (click on any hyperlinked samples to Learn More)

Individual Assessments

Time Management Survey  
Values Survey 
Self-Management Survey


Organization Climate 

Job Compatibility Index

Climate Survey (Example)
Future State Model-Log     

Skills Inventory - Demo

4) Teamwork - resources to assess-develop-facilitate teamwork

Client users include HR Generalists, Talent Managers, Recruiters, Training- Development Specialists, Organization Development, Employee

Relations pros plus all levels of Line Managers


Business School Publications        
Guide to Give-Get Feedback        
How Leaders Build/Give Trust        
Leadership Learning Lab (L3)        
PSY Profile - Executive Team        
Social Contracting Exercise        
Top University Exec Programs        
Vision Sharing Exercise   

Task-Trait compatibility in Sales
1PPM Source-Screen Worksheets

A) Assessment - resources to understand people on 5 Levels of Measurement
B) Engagement - locate-quantify-engage talents in tasks-projects-roles
C) Selection - a complete package of resources to source, screen, hire, orient   
D) Teamwork - resources to assess-develop-facilitate teamwork
E) Learning - matches assessed learning needs with cost effective solutions
F) Leadership - standards-measures-training, and coaching resources

Interview Skills Workshop
Selection criteria for a Sales Rep

Self-Selection Guide for Engineers
Skills Inventory weighting form
Standards-Measures for Hiring

Skills Inventory - Sales Example
Skills Inventory - Demo        
5 Levels of Measurement (Case Studies)  

21 Leadership Standards (L-360)        
Confidential Power Survey        
Delegation Survey-Checklist        
L-360 Competency Weighting        
L360 Feedback Survey Online        
LEAD-360 Feedback Report    
Management Skills Inventory        
Team Leader Survey


6) Leadership - standards-measures-training, and coaching resources (click on any hyperlinked samples to Learn More)

Every Team-building Workshop and Team Intervention we facilitate is tailored to the team's Work-People-Environment . What they all share in common is a quantitative analysis to explain causes of performance 

Candidate Evaluation Form
Individual Orientation Plan
Interview Guide - Consultant

Interview Guide for Engineers
Interview Guide for Recruiters

5) Learning - matches assessed learning needs with cost effective solutions (click on any hyperlinked samples to Learn More)

Success Profile (1-PPM Sample)

Q&A on Performance Profiling
Sales Engineer Success Standards

Contact us to learn more. We have the measurement tools, expertise and experience to assess potential for and barriers to work-life success.

Management Skills Inventory
Skills Inventory Templates
Learning Matrix - assessment-based solutions

Friendly, helpful people are looking forward to hearing from you

Climate Survey Demo

Q&A - Climate Survey
Shared Mission-Vision-Goals